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Sensei Real-Time Lubrication Intelligence Keeps an Eye on the Oil For You

Do your techs spend the first several hours of their day going around and just looking at pieces of equipment – checking for leaks, topping off oil, taking heat readings, etc.?

It doesn’t have to be that way! Industrial Internet of Things technology can keep tabs on the lubricants so you don’t necessarily have to go to the machine.

Sensei Real-Time Lubrication Intelligence from Trico monitors lubrication conditions in key equipment. With the data at your fingertips, your team can better manage issues and move more productively, focusing only on machines that need attention – instead of wasting valuable time.

Explore What Sensei Can Do for Your Team

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  • Play in the Sensei Sandbox. Request access via the form to a live look at the dashboard data you can monitor.
  • Get a complete demonstration of this practical technology solution.

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